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Elaine Frost, 40 year veteran of WCT, and Theater Mom to us all!

by Katie Evans

The beginning of Washington Community Theatre is quite an interesting story. The group was actually started by just a few folks who shared a mutual love of the stage and performing arts. Elaine Frost was one such person, and today she continues to grace the group with her knowledge of music and vocal performance. She also has been cast for many roles (I'm sure there's more than she can name!) including Dolly in "Hello, Dolly!" and The Stepmother in "Cinderella." In the very first performance of "The Music Man" at the Main Pavilion at Washington Park, she played the part of Marion Paroo. She is not only one of the founding Mothers of the group but she is someone who I think all of the members of WCT feel is a Mother to us all during all the productions out at the Park. And since she is so well loved by us all, there is no one better to interview on this momentous occasion, celebrating Washington Community Theatre's 40th year at the Washington Park Main Pavilion stage.

How did Washington Community Theatre become the organization that it is today?
The group actually began not as an organization but just as a few people, coming together to perform, and these folks began performing in 1969, at the Jewish Synagogue. They did not begin performing musicals until they came to the park. The story of how WCT came to be at the park is an interesting one.
There had been a theater group prior to WCT that performed at the park, and the Washington County Park Commission granted them money to perform. However, the park commission had told this theater group that they would no longer fund their performances at the park. The group of performers (not formally called WCT yet) heard of the opening at the park pavilion and sought to gain the permission of the Park Commissioner, Bill Higgins to take over the park performances. The Park Commission agreed, and WCT was formed, and put on the first musical ever, "The Music Man." The Park Commission granted WCT $600 to put on the show, and that $600, plus a bit of money in the bank, is all that funded that first musical. From that year forward, WCT did not request any additional monies from the Park Commission and has not since that first performance. We have survived simply on ticket sales, patrons, ads, etc. And of course on the backs of those who come out and volunteer their time and efforts to be an active part of the group. That time and effort is priceless and is how the group continues to survive.

How did the group grow into what we all now know as WCT?
After WCT performed the first musical at the park, they were asked to perform at Washington's Bicentennial celebration in 1976. They were given just two weeks to put together a show, and they did it. They were paid to perform this pageant, and this money was put toward the next year's summer musical. The pageant performance also helped to put the word out that this group meant business and that their business was putting on great shows for the public that featured local talent and were inexpensive and accessible to the community. So, by getting the word out there, the group grew, and continued to grow into what it is today.

Now, some questions about Elaine herself!

What was your favorite role you ever had?
Dolly in "Hello, Dolly!" Now for those of you who know Elaine, and you can imagine how many shows she's been in in 40 years on that stage, it was probably pretty hard for her to pick which role she liked best. So, for her to be able to single out one role, she must really have enjoyed it. Her first musical role on the Park stage was Marion Paroo in "The Music Man." Consequently, this is actually the third time WCT has put on "The Music Man." A second run was done in 1996. Elaine could not recall who played the main roles in that production. But you can bet she was a part of that show, whether in a title role or not!

What do you hope for the future of WCT, and what is your advice to the young people of WCT?
Obviously, this was kind of a silly question. She of course would love to see the group succeed and continue to put on productions out at the park, and continue to grow it's membership and fan base. This is no easy task in today's world. The group can continue to succeed with the help of dedicated members who are willing to "tow the line" so to speak and put in the effort needed to put together quality productions. In other words, be willing to help out behind the scenes as well as appearing on stage. Continuing to reach out to the young folks who form the future of the group and instilling in these young people the desire to continue to keep WCT going. Elaine is hopeful that during their time in the group, they will grow to love it so that they will desire to see it succeed in the future and be willing to do what it takes to keep it going. Also, another important part of continuing the group is to grow the support system that surrounds a group such as this, which includes patrons, fans, sponsors, advertisers, etc.

To sum it all up, as a founding Mother of Washington Community Theatre, Elaine wishes to see the group succeed for many years to come. As it was said in the beginning of this interview article, we sincerely love this woman and I think we can all say she is one of the people who are the glue that holds everything together. We love you, Elaine, and THANK YOU for being there to help bring into being this great organization that we are blessed to be a part of today. And while it is WCT's 40th anniversary, it is also yours, and anyone else who was there at the very beginning. So, Happy Anniversary to you all!

Every good show needs A LOT of rehearsals!

by Katie Evans

Our director, Helga Terre has definitely had her hands full in selecting a cast to fill the roles for "The Music Man." I think you'd all agree that she did an excellent job. But even with the most talented, experienced and dedicated cast members, rehearsals are key to putting on a well organized and high quality performance. WCT is such an organization that has such a reputation for putting on shows that possess all those characteristics of a well organized show. I think we are are looking forward to seeing how Ms. Terre puts her own personal spin on this classic and popular musical.

Recently, I asked Summerlea Klinar who plays Marion Paroo to give me a little insight to how the rehearsals were coming at this early date. From the sounds of things, they are getting right down to business, which isn't surprising in the least! None of the actors or production staff's precious time is wasted with WCT, that is one sure thing! Summerlea was kind enough to get back to me and so far, the inside scoop (for all of you who couldn't be there to see for yourselves, and are curious - myself included!) :

Choreography is already being introduced to the cast and they've been working hard to master the opening song (a very important part of capturing an audience early in the show!) "Iowa Stubborn." The chorus is strong and sounding great! As far as the cast, they are already working on blocking scenes and memorizing their lines! John Herrmann has a lot of work ahead of him! He is not only filling the role of Harold Hill but is also working on the set which is no small task! I'm sure all of you agree that there is no doubt he will do an excellent job with both of his roles in this show. I am sending a giant round of applause his way for taking on such a giant responsibility with such gusto! From what we understand, the giant book will be used in this show as well, which is no simple task of getting that big thing to the park, much less painting and working it into the show!

More updates on the show's progress will be coming, so please check back to the website for further info! And we certainly hope to see everyone either at the park for the show or up there on the stage! To all of you who are up there under those lights, all of us who aren't up there with you will be down on the floor, cheering you on! Have fun in rehearsals!

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